Tally Prime


In this course, you will learn the new features & functionalities of Tally Prime as we cover all the major modules which will enable you to run your companies accounts smoothly.

It is designed from a basic to advanced level & anyone with a accounts/ commerce background can enroll in this to learn how to manage various business functions with Tally.

What will you learn
  • Tally Prime & its latest features and functionalities

  • Accounting - groups, subgroups, chart of accounts, ledger and voucher creation

  • Inventory - stock group, stock category, stock item, batch details with manufacturing, stock summary report.

  • GST compliance - GST setup & configuration in Tally

  • Complete GSTR1 and complete GSTR3B report

  • TCS ( Tax collected at source) - TDS setup and configuration. Passing TDS entries in purchase as well as in JV

  • E-invoicing - New e-invoicing provision & its setup in Tally Prime Cost center

  • MIS Reports - Balance sheet, profit and loss, stock summary, accounting report, statutory report, exceptional reports

  • Anybody wants to become Successful Accountant
  • Who wants to handle accounts independently
  • Any Employers want to handle their own business accounts
  • Who want tally job
  • Who wants promotion in existing job
  • Charted Accountants, Graduates, Accounting Students, Accounting Executives
  • CMA Students, CA Students, IPCC Students, Company Secretary
  • Tally Admin, HR, Tally Supervisors


  • 55 Lessons
  • 11:44:25 Hours
  • What is Tally Prime00:10:52
  • Tally Prime Features00:05:11
  • Create Ledgers00:21:36
  • Create New Company00:11:53
  • Alter, Delete and Shut Company00:06:48
  • Voucher Creation00:09:12
  • Voucher and Types of Voucher00:10:55
  • Journal Voucher Entry00:13:26
  • Audit Fees Accounting Entry00:07:21
  • Bad Debts and Provision00:14:29
  • Bank Charges Entry with GST00:11:00
  • Capital Account Entry00:10:45
  • Capital Goods Entry With GST00:13:33
  • Depreciation Accounting Entry00:18:10
  • Discount Allowed Entry00:21:23
  • Trade Discount Entry00:08:12
  • Fixed Assets Purchase Entry00:13:26
  • Goods Sold on Finance Accounting00:11:24
  • NEFT, RTGS Payment Entry00:09:48
  • Delivery Note Accounting Entry With GST00:11:56
  • Rent Paid Entry & Expense Payable00:10:55
  • Freight Charges00:13:39
  • Sale Entry With GST00:21:24
  • Sales Return Entry With GST00:20:03
  • Exempted Goods Sale Entry00:11:56
  • Cash Sales Entry with GST00:11:17
  • Point of Sales Invoice with GST00:11:49
  • Outstanding Report & Bills Receivable00:13:42
  • Customer Turnover00:09:45
  • Purchase Entry & Exempted Items00:12:37
  • Purchase Entry With GST00:22:25
  • Purchase Return & Debit Note00:13:23
  • Interstate Purchase Entry with GST00:19:34
  • Receipt Note Entry00:06:58
  • Outstanding Report & Bills Payable Entry00:13:48
  • Check GST Purchase Report 00:11:15
  • Check GST Sales Report00:14:48
  • E-Way Bill00:09:07
  • Import Goods Under GST00:16:31
  • Inclusive of Tax00:07:29
  • Ineligible Input Tax Credit Entry00:14:22
  • Maintain Multiple GSTIN and Address00:10:39
  • Stock Items With Services00:10:34
  • Stock Category00:15:21
  • Multiple Stock Item Creation00:07:20
  • Create Stock Group, Stock Item, Stock Unit00:13:20
  • Create Alternative Unit-Stock Item00:11:52
  • Bill Wise Detail & Manage Outstanding00:13:50
  • Compound Unit00:12:32
  • Godown Management Accounting00:14:31
  • Nil Rated, Exempted, Non GST Supply Entry00:09:52
  • Price Level and Price List00:12:06
  • Multi Slab Tax Rates in Stock00:07:18
  • Bill of Material00:26:54
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement00:10:09

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